Intelligent Terrarium Automation
Ciliatus Dashboard on Smartphone Ciliatus Dashboard on Desktop


Transmit sensor data from any source like the Ciliatus Controlunit to Ciliatus using it's REST API to visualize the data in real-time. Use this data as a base to generate powerful automated processes.

Temperature and humidity monitoring graph example
Automation menu example


Use action sequences with schedules, triggers and intentions to automatically keep temperature and humidity within limits. Create printable caresheets for your animals based on collected data with all relevant information in a few simple steps.


See what's happening in your environment with just a glance and receive emergency notifications and to do lists on your smartphone via Telegram.

Notifications example
Health data example

Animal health

Keep track of your animals' weight and feedings by creating schedules and being automatically notified when a scheduled item is due. Use biographies to document you animals' health and behaviour.

Clean UI

Use a clean user interface based on material design guidelines to have a beautiful view of your animals and terraria.

Material Design cards example