Temperature and humidity monitoring graph example

Your animals' health depends on optimal conditions in their habitats. Temperature and relative humidity can fluctuate and you need to keep an eye on those parameters. Usual solutions require you to buy expensive devices for each terrarium and you usually don't even have a central point to view all metrics.
With Ciliatus you can monitor every terrariums' vital parameters from anywhere you want using your computer or smartphone. Any source can submit sensor readings to Ciliatus, like the Ciliatus Control Unit to visualize the data in real-time. Use this data as a base to generate powerful automated processes.


Automation menu example

Once you collect all kinds of metrics from your terraria you'll want to make use of it. The next logical step is an intelligent system which automatically adjusts temperature and humidity when the values exceed their defined limits. You can schedule daily routines or let Ciliatus automatically react on the collected data.

Animal health

Health data example

After you made sure your animals' terraria are in perfect condition you'll want to make sure your animals' behaviour and development goes as expected. Ciliatus offers feeding and weighing schedules reminding you to keep track of their health. You can see their weight progression at a glance and create printable caresheets showing all relevant data, including weight, feedings, terrarium humidity and temperature and custom biography entries.

Dashboards & Notifications

Notifications example

Ciliatus provides a clean dashboard showing urgent notifications only. By avoiding unnecessary clutter you'll know what's up in your environment at just a glance.
Maybe you don't want to look at the Ciliatus dashboard every day to make sure everything is in order. Ciliatus offers to send you messages via Telegram notifying you of scheduled weighings and feedings, problems with your terraria and issues with Ciliatus itself.

Clean UI

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The center piece of Ciliatus are the animals and their terraria. Upload the photos you took and use them as background images creating a beautiful user experience.